About Us

Louie Bailey

  Fueled by the determination and drive to make his dream come true, Louie was the founder of Lucky 7 Custom Cycles. He is committed to his business 100%, no matter what time it is… He is there! GET SH*T DONE is his life motto.  You want a brutally honest Bike Builder’s opinion on what you should or could or shouldn’t do? Louie is your guy!  

Bryan Heftler

  Literally the nicest guy you will ever meet! And what a work ethic! Bryan is our Sales Department Director, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty when he needs to. He loves to see our customers happy and will do anything he can to make sure you get the best product and the best experience, while making you laugh!  

Heath Hall

  Our shop Gear-head and Stunt man. Heath is one of our most dedicated mechanics who has a cool, calm and collected manner at all times. Not much can get him riled up, fired up or p*ssed off. Even-keeled, cool-headed and one thing at a time is how he rolls! If we are gonna do it, we are gonna do it right.  

Hector Hernandez

  A deep thinker and a quiet soul are what make Hector our true artist. His knowledge of body work, paint, airbrushing, etc. wouldn’t count for anything without his incredible talent and artistic attention to detail. He may seem quiet as a mouse, but when you see his airbrushing technique at work, you just know there is a lion in there somewhere! And just like any artist, you better not rush him… because it has to be perfect!